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Licence use of Community Land - 2 Jubilee Drive, Port Lincoln

Project Overview

Pursuant to Section 202 of the Local Government Act 1999 and Council's Public Consultation & Community Engagement Policy 2.63.1, City of Port Lincoln hereby seeks public comment on the proposal to enter into a new Licence Agreement with RAA Innovation Pty Ltd in respect to a portion of land comprised within Certificate Title Volume 6105 Folio 588, commonly known as 2 Jubilee Drive, Port Lincoln and a portion of adjacent Road Reserve for a period of five (5) years with a further right of renewal of five (5) years to establish electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations as part of the statewide EV Network Program.

RAA have approached Council to identify two (2) suitable locations for 7kW charging stations, which are referred to as ‘Destination’ charging sites, with three charging stations at each site. All charging stations are used on a ‘user pays’ basis. RAA suggested the Port Lincoln Leisure Centre as a suitable site.

Although other potential locations were put forward for consideration, the Port Lincoln Leisure Centre remains RAA’s preferred location for a charging site on Council land. RAA are in separate negotiations with other parties regarding CBD locations, and the interactive mapping shown on RAA’s website shows an additional planned 150kW ‘Rapid’ charging site, currently described as being located at a Shopping Centre.

To enable the installation and operation of the charging stations at the site, Council are being requested to enter into an agreement over the land that forms three (3) car parking bays (nominally 45m2) and an additional area for a footpath. The proposed location (Site Map can be found in the Key Documents section on the right) was selected by RAA after an onsite assessment regarding access to suitable power supply and other project cost considerations.

It is to be noted that it is intended for these car parks to remain available for all users and are not reserved solely for EV's, unless required under future legislation. The selected car parks are at the rear of the premises and are seldom used currently.

The keys terms being requested by RAA are:

  • A licence term of 5 years with an optional 5-year renewal.
  • Council is to supply power to the charging stations. Usage to be separately metered and on charged to RAA at cost.
  • All installation, maintenance and other ongoing costs are to be borne by RAA.

Council has resolved, as per resolution CO 23/188, refer Minutes in the Key Documents section, to enter into such a Licence Agreement subject to the completion of a public consultation process.

Council invited feedback on the proposal from Thursday 19 October to 9am on Friday 10 November 2023.

The information on the proposed Licence was made available in an information sheet at the Council Administration Office and Port Lincoln Library from Thursday 19 October to 9am on Friday 10 Novemer 2023.

Above image provided by RAA, Statewide EV Charging Network, Marion Holiday Park

  • Council Resolution CO 23/188 - RAA EV Charge Program - Licence Agreement

    That Council will pursue participation in the Statewide EV Network program, delivered by RAA, and grant a Licence Agreement for a portion of land situated at 2 Jubilee Drive, Port Lincoln, SA 5606 (contained in certificate of title volume 6105 folio 588) with a licence term of 5 years with optional 5-year renewal if no objections are receive after consultation with the community.

  • Consultation Open - 19 October 2023

    The public consultation period was open from Thursday 19 October and closed Friday 10 November 2023

  • Consultation Closes - 10 November 2023

    The consultation period closed at 9am on Friday 10 November 2023

  • Ordinary Council Meeting - 20 November 2023

    Present written submissions to Council for consideration.

Have Your Say

Members of the community were invited to have their say on the Licence use of Community Land - 2 Jubilee Drive during the public consultation period which ran from Thursday 19 October 2023 to 9am on Friday 10 November 2023.

Council Decision

At the Council meeting held on Monday 20 November 2023, Council received and noted the submissions received during the public consultation period.  With consideration of all submissions received and the advice provided in the Council report, refer to the Minutes in Key Document section, request that RAA Innovation Pty Ltd, as part of installation works and at their expence, install frosted window film to the full elevation of glazing at a finished height of 1800mm.

Any questions on the Licence use of Community Land can be directed to Council's Manager Building and Property, Brad Tolley on 8621 2300 or email