Sport and Recreation Strategy 2023 - 2027

Project Overview

The Sport and Recreation Strategy provides a blueprint for Council’s contribution to sport and recreation for our community.

It will assist in the delivery of Council’s Strategic Directions Plan’s Goal 2: Liveable and Active Communities - we will be a healthy, safe, inclusive and empowered community.

Broadly, the Sport and Recreation Strategy is a framework to guide decision-making to ensure equitable and sustainable asset management, balancing the needs and expectations of our community within Council resourcing. The role of Council in the delivery of the Sport and Recreation Strategy includes:

  • strategic and master planning, alignment with other priorities within Council’s strategic management framework and includes development of a co-investment policy;
  • collaboration with key stakeholders ensuring that priorities are aligned towards similar goals for the benefit of the community;
  • advocacy to other organisations and government agencies for funding support for infrastructure development, ongoing maintenance and program/service delivery; and
  • working collaboratively with relevant stakeholders to assist build capacity of associations, clubs and volunteers to drive sustainability outcomes.

Direct service provision, such as the delivery of specific sports and recreation related programs, were beyond the scope of this strategy.

Additionally, facilities and infrastructure planning to support activities such as walking, cycling, fishing and boating, will be explored in Council’s development of a Marine and Coastal Facilities Strategy along with a Trails and Wayfinding Strategy. Recreation reserve planning priorities including Murray’s Point will be determined in accordance with Council’s Open Space Strategy.

Thanks to all stakeholders and community members who have informed the development of the City of Port Lincoln's first Sport and Recreation Strategy 2023 - 2027.The City of Port Lincoln also acknowledges the significant work done by SGL Consulting to develop the strategy.

Council invited the community to give feedback on the Draft Sport and Recreation Strategy from December 12 2022 to February 2 2023 - the consultation period is now closed.

The Strategy was adopted by Council on 20 February 2023. You can read the strategy online here in the YourSay portal, or hard copies can be read at:

Council Administration Office
Level One, Civic Centre,
60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln Library
2 London Street, Port Lincoln

  • Consultation Open - 15 December 2022

    The public consultation period runs from Thursday 15 December 2022 to 5pm, Thursday 2 February, 2023

  • Ordinary Council Meeting - 20 February 2023

    Adoption of Sport and Recreation Strategy 2023-2027 and Consultation Report

  • Consultation Closes - 2 February 2023

    The consultation period closes on Thursday 2 February 2023, 5pm

Have Your Say

The community was invited to have their say on the Draft Sport and Recreation Strategy 2023 - 2027 during the public consultation period which ran from December 12 2022 to February 2 2023. 

All submissions received during the public consultation period will were considered before the draft Strategy was finalised, summarised in a report presented to Elected Members at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on Monday, February 20 2023, where they adopted the Strategy.

Thanks to all who read the draft strategy and submitted feedback. The Strategy has now been made final and can be read here on the YourSay site, or in hard copy at the Council Office or Library.