Nelson Square Dog Park


Fenced dog parks are fenced-in areas designated for off-leash exercise and socialisation of dogs. There are no formal standards for fenced dog parks at present, however the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA has produced a comprehensive publication ‘Unleashed a guide to successful dog parks’, which the concept plans have been designed around.

Signage outlining the rules and etiquette of the dog park will be placed at the entrance of the dog park and include some of the following:

  • Dog owners will be required to pick up after their dogs.
  • Dogs will be allowed off leash within the dog park.
  • Dogs will need to be kept under effective control while inside the dog park and aggressive dogs are permitted.
  • Dogs will be required to be on leash within a nominated proximity of the playground and within the car park area for the safety of dogs and other park users.

We are also looking to have educational signage that assist owners with dentifying if their dog is comfortable being in the dog park. 

The dog park will include a double gate entrance to ensure that the facility is secure and safe for off-leash dog use.

It is proposed that the park will be open 24/7, however there will only be limited lighting at night.

Dog bag dispensers and bins will be located in the park. Council officers will visit the reserve as a part of their normal patrols of the City, however as with all council reserves there is an expectation that the public will self-regulate.

The first thing to do is consider the safety of yourself, your animal or anyone else involved. If needed, please seek medical or veterinary attention immediately after a dog attack.

Council offers assistance to dog attacks/ harassments 7 days a week 24 hours a day if occurring now. When safe to do so report the incident to us on 8621 2300.

Shade is important and it is preferred that natural shade provided by existing trees is used.  It is proposed that additional trees be planted within the park and a proposed new shelter will also provide extra shade.

No. There is no effective way to remove Parvovirus from public spaces. Parvovirus can survive in the environment for up to 7 years. The best way to protect your dog is to ensure you keep their vaccinations up to date. 

Regular users of dog parks believe the benefits include:

  • a place to exercise dogs off leash in a safe environment.
  • an opportunity for dogs to mix and learn how to socialise with other dogs.
  • a useful place for people that are unable to walk their dog (persons with mobility restrictions and disabilities).
  • an opportunity for people to meet others with a similar interest.
  • a place for owners to train their dogs in an enclosed space.

There is a path network as part of this project which will connect surrounding footpaths with the car park and the dog park.