Galinyala Barngarla Sisters Art Panels

An impressive series of art panels have been installed under the fig trees as part of the renewal of the western end of the Parnkalla Trail which is one component of the Port Lincoln Foreshore Project.

The art panels were designed by Galinyala Barngarla artists Jenna and Vera Richards, who were selected through a public Expression of Interest process. The art work were laser cut and fabricated by local company Plazma Cuts.

This element of the Foreshore Project supports the creation of connections to ​first nation’s people ​and place through the incorporation of First Nations storytelling and cultural interpretation which is one of the project’s key objectives.

At the launch Jenna explained the story behind the design.

"Our design links into the actual site of the fig trees up above us on the deck. They form part of the 7 sisters dreaming. Trees and water are life. For us, the trees are our fellow sisters and brothers, in the case of the fig trees, they are the 3 sisters of the Pleiades. In our design, we showcase the lady of the tree, and this is talking about the spirits that are within all living things including our trees and plant life, creatures of the sea, land and sky.

We have symbols throughout the design representing our people and family gathering together. This shows that we are one and the same with our environmental surroundings. We also have the Karkalla plant, our native pig face which is a food source for our people and this is scattered all across our Barngarla yardanha country especially along the wambiri coastline.

We’ve included the gooya, the fish throughout our design. This is another food source. But also applies to Goorilyali which is our name for Boston Bay which translates to the Bay of dancing fish. It’s also ironic that Port Lincoln is well known for our aquaculture seafood industry and that we have fish farms within our Bay and our traditional Barngarla name correlates to bay of dancing fish.

But back in the day, we also have been told that there were songs and dance that our old people used to do to sing in the sharks and dolphins and whales to push the fish into our shallow waters where they would be caught in our traditional fish traps made of stones and sticks. We still have fish traps that are around our coastline which are more noticeable during the low tides. These are unfortunately becoming less and less due to not being maintained due to lack of access.

In the last panel we have Nammana our sacred whale and the 3 sisters riding on his tail. Nammana is one of our Dreamtime stories and he was responsible for creating our wambiri coastline.

He also brought our people on his back to Galinyala Port Lincoln and we still look to him for guidance in our times of need. He was also our late father’s totem and this gives him even more special meaning and significance for me and my sister and our family as a whole.

Ngami Yarda Mother Nature and her creatures look after us and provide for us so we must in turn look out for them as well.

Port Lincoln and surrounding areas are also well known to be a whale sanctuary. Whalers Way used to be the nursery and it has taken many years for the whales to return and feel safe again in our waters after what happened many moons ago with the whaling industry being based around here.

We also have Thindoo the sun, the bringer of light and life and without him, we wouldn’t have life on earth. Majority of the world and nature needs the sun to survive so Thindoo is also very important to us.

The border across the tops and bottoms of each panel represents the crosses on our shield that represents our people and our whole Barngarla tribe. Barngarla stands for fire people, people of the light and our ancient boundary extends from Galinyala (Port Lincoln) to Goordnada (Port Augusta) and surrounding areas.

We enjoyed working on this project with you and we look forward to future endeavours.

Yoowa walira


Photo Left to Right: Art Panel Artists Jenna Richards and Vera Richards

Work on the Parnkalla Trail, Seawall and Toilet Block to start soon

As the playspace component of the Port Lincoln Foreshore project nears completion, works on other elements of the project will start later this month.

The Port Lincoln Foreshore Concept Plan, endorsed by Council in June 2021, included much needed renewal works on sections of the Seawall and Parnkalla Trail including repairs to structures and paving and minor refurbishment works.

Mayor Diana Mislov said, “McMahon Services have been contracted to undertake the Seawall and Parnkalla Trail works with construction set to start this month. As part of the works a new rock armour wall will be built at the trail’s western end.”

Advanced signage will be in place prior to work commencing along sections of the trail at the western and eastern end. Access to the lower carpark outside the front of the Port Lincoln Hotel will be inaccessible to the public to be used as a worksite for McMahon Services contractors.

“Minor refurbishment works to the jetty carpark toilet block are scheduled to start later this month by local contractor Kym Clarke Construction and will take approximately six weeks to complete. Throughout this time the toilet block may need to be closed and the public are asked to use alternative toilet blocks,” said Mayor Mislov.

“Council is close to entering into a contract for works on the Foreshore Plaza and Activity Zone and it is anticipated these works will start next month.”

“The Port Lincoln Jetty will finally get the much need attention it requires with Maritime Constructions engaged to begin renewal works in June.”

“There is plenty happening along the foreshore over the next six to eight months that will deliver great outcomes for the community. Council acknowledges that there will be quite a bit of disruption associated with these works and will work with the contractors to minimise this as much as possible.”

“We will keep the community informed as work progresses throughout each stage of the projects through Council’s Facebook page and website Visit Council’s online Engagement Hub for the Concept Plan and further details.

The State Government’s Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Program is contributing matched funding of $3.640 million towards the Port Lincoln Foreshore Project.

  • STAGE 1 May - Sept 2022

    Build the Playspace - Completed 5 June 2023

  • STAGE 2 - April - November 2023

    Renew the seawall and path

  • STAGE 3 September 2023 - March 2024

    Foreshore Plaza

  • STAGE 4 April - November 2023

    Jetty Upgrade and Repairs

  • STAGE 5 June - November 2023

    Activity Zone

Project Overview

The $7.24 million (7.6M) Port Lincoln Foreshore Redevelopment project is set to provide a major visitor drawcard, while also providing an iconic recreational, meeting, tourism and events space for our community.

This foreshore project has received significant State Government being awarded $3.62 million in funding through the SA Government’s Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Programme, as well as being recognised as a priority in the Port Lincoln Precincts Master Plan which took out the Planning Minister’s Award for Best Planning Project at the 2020 SA Planning Institute of Australia Awards.

Council leaders have acknowledged the community has mixed views on particular elements of what this development should look like, and the ultimate goal is to find the balance between providing a positive place for everyone to access, while also creating an iconic landscape that help drives our economy, business and employment.

As the project moves ahead in 2022, our Council wants you to stay engaged and involved in its progress. This project page will be regularly updated to keep our community up to speed on the progress of the project.

Key features of the foreshore redevelopment concept plans, include:

  • public art and interpretation of First Nations' stories and reconciliation
  • all ages and ability nature and adventure play spaces
  • sports zone including half-court ball sports, bouldering wall and beginner's skate area
  • central foreshore plaza and flexible event space
  • renewal and upgrade of thetown jetty catering for charter vessels
  • fully accessible public realm upgrades and beach access

The revised draft plan was endorsed for consultation by Council on Monday 17 May 2021, and updates to the plan (listed below) were placed on public exhibition from Thursday 20 May 2021 to 9am on Friday 11 June 2021.

Council has drawn on the ideas and feedback from the community gathered through multiple rounds of consultation throughout 2018-2020 as part of the masterplan project.

The first draft concept plans were developed in a condensed timeframe from November 2020 to January 2021, aiming to advance the project by attracting grant funding from the State and Federal governments following the impacts of COVID-19.

Concept plans were released for public consultation from 26 January to 19 February 2021 in order to listen to community opinion, with the main themes summarised in a report presented to Council in March.

Key changes made to the plan following this consultation include:

  • reconfiguration of the car park along the foreshore, whereby only six car parks will be lost (as opposed to 23 as initially proposed);
  • the creation of new accessible parks and safe passenger drop-off zones for children, the elderly and those with mobility and access challenges;
  • more refined images and plans of the precinct features to better demonstrate concepts to community.

This project will be an asset for the Port Lincoln community, businesses and visitors as it builds on growing our reputation as a beautiful place to live, work and invest, while also continuing to grow our tourism brand as a must-visit destination.

It will significantly improve access to our foreshore area for many who currently find it challenging - including those with mobility issues, the elderly, youth and families with young children. The proposed car parking changes will create a drop-off bay or short-term parking area that will allow these people to safely and easily access our stunning foreshore.

Any questions on the Port Lincoln Foreshore Project can be directed to Council's Project Manager - Master Plan Projects, Kathleen Brannigan on 8621 2300 or email